EMIRICH BANGUS FRY was formerly known as “BANGUS NI SISONG” that started in the year 1962.



It is located  in Tunga, Moalboal, Cebu and  was founded by our late father       Mr. JESUS A. NUEVO.  In the year 1966, Mrs. Rufina Gabia Nuevo, our mother became the co-owner of the  business.

This is the story of how we started our seafood business.  We tried planting the area  of corn before in the area that we are using as fishpond, but unfortunately,  it did not give a favorable result..    My father diverted the water of the BUDLOT RIVER nearby to irrigate the lands.

But when the other farmers  expanded their area of coverage, we suffered the insufficiency supply of water.  So, my  father converted the area into fishpond.   In fact, by doing so, we are generating more income by helping our community in terms of paying taxes and other fees as well as helping people for an immediate work pertaining to fishpond operation.



  • In the year 2011, “BANGUS NI SISONG” ownership was transferred to us. EMILYN and RITCHE became EMIRICH BANGUS FRY.  The new business name  derived from our names EMI  for EMILYN  and   RICH for RITCHE .  We expanded our business line.  Before BANGUS OR MILKFISH and BLACK TIGER PRAWNS as our major products.  We are now offering additional product such as BANGUS FINGERLINGS, VANNAMEI SHRIMPS AND CRABS.

EMIRICH BANGUS FRY  are stable in the sense  that we continue the legacy of our parents highlighting the consistency of our products by maintaining high expectations.  We managed to satisfy our customers by being dependable and showing them good services in accommodating their needs for their daily consumption purposes and also in addition to their source of income.

We  serve our customers with  familiar products for them to avail our additional freebies.    EMIRICH SEAFOOD PRODUCTS  guaranteed fresh, good quality and accessibility to our valued customers.

We  value our customers by being predictable on their possible concerns in relation to our seafood products.

We  value our customers because customer service is everything and anything that touches a customer directly and indirectly.  Customer service means or servicing customers and it is so much more than just solving problems or addressing complaints.