BANGUS (25 kgs) ORDERS OF 25 kgs. of BANGUS OR MILKFISH are provided with additional freebies of 1/4 of a kilo of bangus


25 kilos purchased of BANGUS is entitled to receive an additional of 1/4 of a kilo.

per kilo (minimum order of 5 kilos)




Milkfish in the Philippines is called BANGUS.   The scientific name of bangus is chanos chanos.   Bangus or milkfish can grow to over a meter long although the ones found in markets are generally smaller.

Bangus or milkfish has a distinct flavor, it is not a neutral bland white fish.  .  Still its natural flavor is mild enough that it can be cooked in the manner of neutral white fish, but it tastes best when its favor is selectively paired with complementary ingredients and cooking methods.

Bangus is an important seafood because bangus is notorious for being much bonier than other food fish.  Deboned bangus called “boneless” bangus has become popular in stores and markets.

Bangus has a generally symmetrical and streamlined appearance.   They can grow to 1.7 m, but are most often about 1 meter in length.

Bangus is an extremely “bony” fish.  It’s white meat has a mild flavor that makes the fish good for a variety of cooking preparations.   Bangus is usually fried, made into soup and even grilled.   Its body color is silvery on the belly sides, grading to olive green or blue on the back.

The pink flesh is rather soft and widely consumed.  The mild meat has numerous small bones.

Bangus has many benefits as a source of good nutrition for human health.  Consuming bangus can meet the protein needs of the body.  Regular consumption of bangus can prevent micronutrient deficiencies and can help the growth of the nervous system and brain development.  Other benefits of bangus can reduce the risk of hypertension.

Bangus have so much recipes to prepare such as:

LUMPIANG BANGUS (bangus springroll) a tasty springroll recipe made from               bangus  flakes.  A superb addition to your menus for any occasion.

On the other hand cooking bangus as a paksiw or sinigang has been show to retain more of its nutritional attributes.


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