BLACK TIGER PRAWNS (100 kgs.) Orders of 100 kgs. of BLACK TIGER PRAWNS are provided with additional freebies of 1 kilo of BLACK TIGER PRAWN


per kilo (minimum order of 5 kilos)



The black tiger prawn (Penaeus Monodon) is a fast-growing tropical to subtropical species suited to warm, brackish water.

Farmed black tiger prawns have mild, almost bland flavor compared to the pronounced taste of the ocean-harvested prawn.  Cooked black tiger prawn meat is also softer.  Black tigers have gray to black stripes on gray or bluish shells and associated stripes on the peeled meat.

Black Tiger prawns are large and flavoursome.  Their majestic red striping makes for impressive presentation and they are often the choice of top hotels and restaurants.

Grilling, barbecuing or flambeing tiger prawns in their shell are among the most popular cooking methods, as are pan and deep frying.  It is important to note that overcooking may cause the flesh to become tough.  When cooking, add them to the heat as late as possible.

Black Tiger Prawns sometimes referred to as tigers and can be easily distinguished by their black stripes.  The shrimps head contains all vital organs – including the antennae.  Along the abdomen or tail is the intestine and ten penopods – or walking legs – and ten pleopods – or swimming legs.  These allow the prawn to walk along the seafloor or to swim forwards and backwards.  Maximum size depends on sex.   Female are slightly larger than male and can grow to be 13 inches long.

Black Tiger Prawns are considered to be larged sized.  Prawns are a healthy food choice.  Prawns are a great source of high quality protein and provide some of the most important vitamins and minerals.   Eating prawn helps build strong bones because they contain phosporous, copper and magnesium.

These black tiger prawns are delicately cultured by EMIRICH BANGUS FRY to deliver high quality and delectable produce.  You can order them by kilo, with a minimum of 5 kilos or you can order it by ton.