BANGUS FINGERLINGS (50,000 pcs.) ORDERS OF 50,000 pcs. of bangus fingerlings are provided additional freebies of 500 pcs. of bangus fingerlings


minimum purchased of bangus fingerlings is 3,000 pcs.




The fishpond nursery is used to grow milkfish fry to fingerlings 1-3 grams in weight or 1-2 inches in length.

The nursery pond is the smallest of the major fishpond compartment ranging from 500 to 5,000 meters and is about 10% of the total farming area.

Bangus Fingerlings is being culture at EMIRICH BANGUS FRY with very utmost care in terms of eliminating predators.  The area should have good topography.

The area should have soil with good water retention properties for good dike construction and efficient culture management.

Water supply should be adequate year round and free from pollutants.  Good pond water quality is maintained and natural food should be adequate to enhance growth and survival.

With high stocking densities, supplemntal feed supplemental feed is also provided.

Truly,  acclimation and stocking of fry or fingerlings are carefully done during the cooler day.

Economic indicators show that fingerlings production is a profitable business. The improvement of bangus show the technology from extensive or traditional to modified – extensive, semi-intensive and intensive culture in ponds, pens or in sea cages has increased demand for good quality fingerlings.

At any rate,  rearing milkfish fry to fingerlings in brackishwater ponds is almost wholly dependent on natural food  but it can effectively sustain in maintaining the natural food in the pond until the desired fish size.

Mass production of hatchery – reared fingerlings in nursery ponds during peak season of fry availability can help bridge the supply gap.

The growth of milkfish for fingerlings production in ponds maybe operated as a commercial enterprise.    Since milkfish fry transport fingerlings from the nursery to the cage using oxygenated bag.

Therefore, in rearing milkfish to marketable size, the fry must have a total length of 12-15 mm.

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